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Zilco Synthetic Complete Bridle
Complete with full round blinkers and noseband. As supplied with Classic, Elite, ZGB, and Exell harness sets. Rosette style bridle with padded crown for poll comfort. Independent noseband with adjustment on both sides of Cob, Horse and Warmblood sizes allow for maximum range of fit. Well padded under the lower jaw and over the bridge of the nose. Pony noseband has one buckle and no jawstrap. Detachable flash is included for all sizes. Full round blinkers with winkerstays that can be shaped to achieve a customized view, wide visibility or narrower. Stainless steel hardware.



Zilco Synthetic Complete Fine Bridle with Imitation Patent
Narrow strap width for a more refined look. Features include imitation patent blinkers, padded crown, and single-buckle noseband. Available with plain or decorative rosettes as shown. Black only. Stainless steel hardware.

#011-z444272Small Pony$105.00


Zilco > Parts > Bridle