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Essential Harness
Affordable, all leather harness suitable for showing, training, or recreational driving. Features include patent teardrop and blinkers, box keepers on bridle, hanging noseband, leather on rolled patent breastcollar and breeching, patent on saddle, stainless steel tree, choice of saddle widths, choice of fully padded skirts or traditional padding on the saddle, stainless steel tongues on all buckles. Slot-end traces are standard. Russet reins included. Made in the USA with leather tanned in the USA.

Essential Harness

Essential Harness comes with choice of brass or stainless steel buckles, with stainless steel tongues on all buckles. Russet $100 extra per horse. False martingale $65, except for pair and four-in-hand harness where false martingales are included. Mini harness excludes teardrop.

Essential HarnessSinglePairFour-in-Hand
Mini $1,225$2,950$5,600

Essential Harness Set Includes:

Harness Set Includes

Essential Harness Features Include:

Essential Bridle
  • Box keepers
  • Patent blinkers
  • Patent teardrop
  • Flat throatlatch
  • Single-buckle noseband
  • Noseband on hangers
  • Russet reins included
  • Split neckstrap
  • Loose-ring terrets
  • Leather on rolled patent
  • Buckle-in traces
  • Martingale available
Essential Saddle
  • Open loop tugs
  • Patent on top
  • Plain leather skirts
  • Pug seat & check hook
  • Stainless steel tree
  • Choice of saddle widths
  • Choice of standard padding or fully padded skirts
Essential Breeching
  • Split hipstrap
  • Buckle-on crupper
  • Leather on rolled patent
  • Breeching straps
  • Slot-end traces

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Harness > Leather > Essential