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450 Years Spanish Riding School
by Elisabeth Gurtler, Rene van Bakel, and Arnim Basche
Glorious photographic tribute to the Spanish Riding School and their magnificent Lipizzaner horses. 112 color photos capture the beauty and rich traditions of this prestigious institution, from foals at the Piber Federal Stud to gala performances at the Winter Riding School in Vienna. This is the only authorized anniversary volume and includes both English and German translations. HB w/slipcase 208 pp.

#031-S3909       $65.00


Horse Playing Cards
Contains 54 breeds of horses.

#031-0011       $6.00


Bad Hair Day Key Ring
Pewter. Made in England. 1 1/2" x 1 1/4".

#031-0018-PKF26        $15.95


Draft Horses Today
by Robert Mischka
American draft horse breeds are discussed as well as the vehicles and equipment used to do farm chores today. Draft horses can also be used for recreation, showing, horsepulls, parades, and just for fun. Plenty of color photos accompany this informative text. HB 166 pp.

#031-D0221       $32.95

For the Love of the Horse - Volume II
by Ann Jamieson
More adventures of many special horses and the people who love them. Included is the story of carriage driver, Scott Monroe, and his horse, Shadow, whose dream of being on a US equestrian team is realized. All true stories about that magical partnership between people and horses. PB 201pp.

#031-F0002       $17.95


For the Love of the Horse - Volume III
by Ann Jamieson
Amazing horses with amazing stories. Read about legendary horses like the eventing super pony Theodore O'Connor, the unforgettable Barbaro, and Chester Weber's four-in-hand driving star Jamaica. Others are less famous but no less remarkable. A treasure of true stories about the bond between horses and humans. PB 244 pp.

#031-F0003       $17.95


Friesian Lapel Pin
Stylish and versatile square pin measures 7/8" x 1". Sterling silver with tie tack back. By Jane Heart.

#031-70-0007       $95.00

Little Falabella: The Magical Horse
by Lowell Feldman
A delightful children's book about very special miniature horses who drive. Read about their journey from being bred by a royal family in Argentina to being rescued by a caring couple in America. A heartwarming story to be shared by all. Well illustrated. HB 89pp.

#031-0253       $45.00

Name That Horse Tie
Be the talk of the town with this distinctive tie. 100% silk.

#031-51-0001h       $40.00

Stables: Beautiful Paddocks, Horse Barns, and Tack Rooms
by Kathryn Masson
An illustrated collection of 25 spectacular horse farms from across the US. The diverse history and architecture of these American sporting stables is captured in this beautiful tribute to the equestrian lifestyle. HB 256 pp.

#031-P0960       $55.00


Symphony of the Friesian Horse (DVD)
music by Ludwig van Beethoven
The beauty of the majestic black Friesian is paired with the glorious sound of Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 Opus 93 in F-major. A joy for those who love horses and classical music. 28 mins. DVD format.

#031-V1077       $35.00

The Royal Horse of Europe
by Sylvia Loch
A magnificent look at the great war-horse of Spain and Portugal who changed the history of Europe and influenced many modern horse breeds. The Iberian breeds of Andalusian and Lusitano horses are true aristocrats in the art of driving as well as classical dressage. HB 256pp.

#031-R0043       $75.00


The Spirit of the Performance Horse
A celebration of American horse sports that includes eventing, show jumping, ridden dressage, and driving. Features a personal profile of well-known drivers, Hardy Zantke and Gloria Austin, in addition to a description of combined driving and carriage driving. HB 132 pp.

#031-S1116       $34.95


They Did it with Horses
by Philip Weber
Before there were trucks and tractors, horses did it all. This scrapbook of over 400 old photos from the Philip Weber collection shows fascinating street scenes and horses at work. These include farming, delivering, logging, fire fighting, and more. HB 255pp.

#031-H0408       $28.95


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