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"Gespann" Competition Driving Print
Distinctive style of Jan Kunster features the exciting sport of competition driving. Matted and suitable for framing. From Germany. 11 3/4" x 7 7/8".

#031-1538b       $25.00

"Goodwood" Competition Driving Print
Distinctive style of Jan Kunster features the exciting sport of competition driving. Matted and suitable for framing. From Germany. 11 3/4" x 7 7/8".

#031-1538a       $25.00

Better Than Bombproof
by Sgt. Rick Pelicano
More common-sense strate- gies to help your horse deal with scary situations. In his second book, Sgt. Pelicano shows new ways to desensi- tize your horse through long- lining exercises as well as under saddle. Includes tips on becoming a more effective rider, how to prepare for a parade, and valuable trailer loading techniques. PB 170 pp.

#031-B1030       $29.95


Blanket Carrier
Leather carrier wraps up a picnic blanket for outdoor convenience. Handy carrying strap makes it perfect for your next picnic or sporting event. Available in black or russet with brass or stainless steel buckles. Blanket not included.

#011-9802       $49.95


British Horse and Pony Breeds - and Their Future
by Clive Richardson
Explains how climate, conquests, and changing needs produced the many distinct horse breeds of the British Isles. From Shetlands to Shires, Dartmoors to Dales, Cleveland Bays to Connemaras, and Hackney Horses to Highland Ponies, the diversity of British breeds is remarkable. Also discusses the old breeds that have been lost and what must be done to preserve the remaining breeds for future generations to enjoy. HB 222 pp.

#031-B0989       $45.00


Bundle of Napkins
Finest linen napkins featuring a cheese theme. Set of 6. 18" x 18".

#031-NS663       $29.95


Business Card Holder by Freedman's
Unmistakable quality in a two-pocket patent leather case. Made in Canada.

#031-4190-BC       $30.00


Candy Dish
Fine bone china features a classic fox hunting scene. 6 1/2" x 5 1/4". Made in England.

#031-9204       $34.95


Carriage Wheel Earrings
Delicate and light weight, these wheels hang from a hook-style wire. Sterling silver. 1 3/8" long.

#031-0260       $34.00


Cheese Markers
Adorable mice help identify different types of cheese. Set of 6. Pewter. Made in England.

#031-0018-CM1       $49.95

Draft Horses Today
by Robert Mischka
American draft horse breeds are discussed as well as the vehicles and equipment used to do farm chores today. Draft horses can also be used for recreation, showing, horsepulls, parades, and just for fun. Plenty of color photos accompany this informative text. HB 166 pp.

#031-D0221       $32.95

Draft Horses: an Owner's Manual
by Beth Valentine and Michael Wildenstein
The increasing popularity of many different draft breeds has given rise to the need for more information on how to properly care for them. This practical manual covers the basic care, feeding, and health management of heavy horses. It is geared toward all draft breeds, including heavy pony breeds such as the Haflinger and Norwegian Fjord. A great resource for treating and preventing problems that are specific to draft horses. PB 229 pp.

#031-D0001       $32.00


English Saddle Cufflinks
Pewter. Made in England. 3/4" x 1/2".

#031-0018-PCL6       $34.95


Equestrian Handbag
Classic look at an affordable price. Interior zipper, long strap, and front flap with magnet closure. Black with silver snaffle. 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 2 1/2".

#031-1567       $32.95


Essential Carriage Tie
Colorful carriages on a navy background. Exclusively from the Carriage Association of America and Driving Essentials.100% silk. Available in navy only.

#031-51-0008       $45.00


Golf Club Cufflinks
Pewter. Made in England. 3/4" x 3/4".

#031-0018-PCL21       $34.95


Grooming Kit Wine Charms
Identify each guest's glass with these horse-related charms. Set of 6. Pewter. Made in England.

#031-0018-WC4       $39.95


Ground Driving Lines
Comfortable 1" cotton reins with folded nylon fronts. 30 feet long.

#021-0032       $55.00/pair

Haas Extra Stiff Mud Brush
Alternating rows of synthetic bristles and very fine brass wire bristles make this brush perfect for dealing with shedding or mud-encrusted coats. Comfortable oval shape with leather strap. High-quality construction with excellent bristle retention. 8" x 3 1/2" oval. Made in Germany.

#021-03-21021       $26.95


Haas Ultra Soft Finishing Brush
Luxurious outer ring of very soft horse hair bristles surrounds a soft pillow of lamb's wool. Excellent for last-minute dust removal and for bringing out that show ring shine. Smaller size to reach those delicate areas. 6 3/4" x 3 1/2" oval. Made in Germany.

#021-03-20484       $26.95


Horse Head Post-it Note Holder
Polished brass holder is the perfect desk accessory for any horse enthusiast. Fits standard size Post-it sticky note pads. Solid brass. 4" x 4".

#031-30-PIHH       $52.00


Horse Wine Charms
Identify each guest's glass with these adorable horse charms. Set of 6. Pewter. Made in England.

#031-0018-WC3       $39.95


In the World of Friesians (DVD)
by Thomas Vogel
A look at those distinctively regal horses from the Netherlands. The outstanding action of the Friesian is highlighted in hand, under saddle, and in harness. Footage from the Friesian Horse Festival is a treat for all horse lovers. In English. 46 mins. DVD format.

#031-V1076       $35.00

Irish Wool Tweed Cap
A flat cap in the casual countryside style. 100% Irish wool. Available in brown/rust, navy/grey, green/brown, and black/white. Sizes S, M, L, XL. Made in Ireland.

#031-0604       $49.95

Color & Size:

Jack Russell Bums Barrette
Pewter. Made in England. 3 1/2" long.

#031-0018-PJHS11       $27.95

Jack Russell Welcome Sign
Hand painted slate features a friendly terrier. 12" x 10".

#031-2915       $30.00

Lab Welcome Mat
This friendly Lab will greet all your guests. Cushioned design protects tile and wood floor. 36" x 23". Made in USA.

#031-FM776       $44.95

Little Falabella: The Magical Horse
by Lowell Feldman
A delightful children's book about very special miniature horses who drive. Read about their journey from being bred by a royal family in Argentina to being rescued by a caring couple in America. A heartwarming story to be shared by all. Well illustrated. HB 89pp.

#031-0253       $45.00

London Scenes Placemats
Royal carriages, horses, and iconic scenes from London are featured on these dinner placemats. Set of 4 different images. 17" x 11 1/2".

#031-0060-2       $42.95


Long Reining (DVD)
with Wilfried Gehrmann
Explains the training work done from behind for schooling driving horses as well as dressage horses and show jumpers. A valuable training tool to improve balance, rhythm, and suppleness. Equipment and further schooling are also discussed. In English. 50 mins. DVD format.

#031-V0996       $45.00


One Black Sheep Tie
There is always one in every group. 100% silk.

#031-51-0001s        $40.00

Paper Weight by Freedman's
An elegant desk accessory in rich leather. 4" x 2 5/8". Made in Canada.

#031-4190-202       $39.00

Pewter Bottle Opener
Give your favorite beverage the boot with this equestrian way to open a bottle. Pewter with stainless steel opener blade. 5" long. Gift boxed. Made in USA.

#031-56-188       $29.95


Pewter Cheese Knife
Entertain in style with this attractive and useful cheese knife. Boot motif is beautifully detailed in pewter. Stainless steel blade. 7" long. Gift boxed. Made in USA.

#031-56-188ck       $29.95


Pointer Charm
Sterling silver dog on point can be used as a charm or pendant. Made in France. Limited quantities available.

#031-A033890       $35.00

Pony Head/Bum Cufflinks
Pewter. Made in England. 3/4" x 3/4".

#031-0018-PCL5       $34.95


Racing Colors Tie
Colorful jockey silks on a bright yellow background. 100% silk.

#031-51-0001y        $40.00


Snaffle with Reins Stock Pin
Pewter. Made in England. 2 3/4" long.

#031-0018-SP4       $29.95


Sport Horse Conformation
by Christian Schacht
Learn how to evaluate the athletic potential of the modern sport horse. Useful tools are outlined to show the strengths and weaknesses of each horse's individual conformation. A valuable guide to assessing the potential career and future soundness of a horse. HB 136 pp.

#031-S5308       $27.95


Stable Door Frame
Pewter. Made in England. 1 3/4" x 3".

#031-0018-PF5       $29.95


Stirrups and Leathers Stock Pin
Pewter. Made in England. 2 3/4" long.

#031-0018-SP5        $29.95


Stubbs Portable Twin Rack
Easily fits over stall wall (up to 2 5/16 in. thick)for use in temporary stabling at show or at home. Comfortably holds a full set of harness. Stabilizing bar eliminates sway. Rugged steel construction. Green only. Made in England.

#011-as202       $39.95

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Symphony of the Friesian Horse (DVD)
music by Ludwig van Beethoven
The beauty of the majestic black Friesian is paired with the glorious sound of Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 Opus 93 in F-major. A joy for those who love horses and classical music. 28 mins. DVD format.

#031-V1077       $35.00

The Big Book of Small Equine
by Johnny Robb and Jan Westmark
Miniature horses and Shetland ponies in America are celebrated for their versatility and tremendous popularity. From wonderful family pets to fancy show animals, they all have a unique personality that makes them truly special. Over 150 photos highlight the best small equines in this country. HB 192pp.

#031-B1626       $29.95


The Welsh Cob
By Wynne Davies
Established as a breed in the fifteenth century, this strong and agile horse has become popular for riding and driving. This book examines the origins, influential studs, auction sales records, and performance of the athletic Welsh Cob. HB 209 pp.

#031-W0353       $49.95

They Did it with Horses
by Philip Weber
Before there were trucks and tractors, horses did it all. This scrapbook of over 400 old photos from the Philip Weber collection shows fascinating street scenes and horses at work. These include farming, delivering, logging, fire fighting, and more. HB 255pp.

#031-H0408       $28.95


Top Hat Cufflinks
Pewter. Made in England. 3/4" x 3/4".

#031-0018-PCL4       $34.95


Twist with Stone Stock Pin
Stone color may vary. Pewter. Made in England. 2 3/4" long.

#031-0018-SP3        $27.95


Wall Whip Hanger
Wooden whip rack will accommodate 3 or 5 whips.

3 whips       $45.00
5 whips       $60.00


World-Class Grooming for Horses
by Cat Hill and Emma Ford
Learn to turn out a horse to international standards with expert guidance from two professional eventing grooms. But it is much more than a grooming guide. Daily management skills are shown to keep all horses in peak condition so that these athletes can perform at their very best. Valuable information is given on properly preparing the top-level horse for daily training and at competitions. Tips on domestic and international travel are also included. Over 1200 color photos. Spiral bound 232 pp.

#031-W6909       $39.95


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