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Ground Driving Lines
Comfortable 1" cotton reins with folded nylon fronts. 30 feet long.

#021-0032       $55.00/pair

Training for Safety
by Margaret Beeman and Ona Kiser
Outlines the foundation for starting the driving horse. Specific exercises are given for groundwork in preparation for putting to a cart and driving the single horse. Tips are also included to help deal with scary objects in a safe and confident manner. PB 71 pp.

#031-T0002       $19.95


Zilco Training Surcingle
Adjustable synthetic rigging for lungeing, long reining, and breaking. Includes saddle terrets and 8 dees for maximum adjustment with a variety of training aids. Soft waffle padding and double girth straps for extra comfort. Fits a variety of horses from cob to warmblood. Adjusts from 64" to 88" heartgirth. Black with stainless steel fittings. Other length girths available upon request.

011-z631541       175.00


The Art of Long Reining
by Sylvia Stanier
Learn the proper ground techniques and equipment needed to produce a well-balanced, supple horse. Early exercises to advanced schooling in both the English and Danish methods are included. HB 56 pp.

#031-A0022       $15.95

Bombproofing Tips
by Perry Wood
Take the time to train your horse to accept the unexpected. This booklet explains the tools you need to develop a more trusting relationship with your equine partner. By using distance, repetition, and positive reinforcement, you can teach your horse to think more and to react less. PB 24 pp.

#031-B0879       $12.95

Better Than Bombproof
by Sgt. Rick Pelicano
More common-sense strate- gies to help your horse deal with scary situations. In his second book, Sgt. Pelicano shows new ways to desensi- tize your horse through long- lining exercises as well as under saddle. Includes tips on becoming a more effective rider, how to prepare for a parade, and valuable trailer loading techniques. PB 170 pp.

#031-B1030       $29.95


Cotton Lunge Line
Brown 1" cotton webbing with stops and swivel snap. 35 feet long.

#021-0036       $22.00/each


Long Reining (DVD)
with Wilfried Gehrmann
Explains the training work done from behind for schooling driving horses as well as dressage horses and show jumpers. A valuable training tool to improve balance, rhythm, and suppleness. Equipment and further schooling are also discussed. In English. 50 mins. DVD format.

#031-V0996       $45.00


Lungeing and Long Reining
by Jennie Loriston-Clarke
Focuses on the early training and handling of the young horse. Discusses the proper equipment and techniques needed to exercise, supple, and educate a horse from the ground. Also shows how advanced long reining can be used to refine dressage movements and how lungeing can improve a horse's jumping form. Published in association with the British Horse Society. PB 112 pp.

#031-L9533        $32.95


Products > Harness > Ground