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Ground Driving Lines
Comfortable 1" cotton reins with folded nylon fronts. 30 feet long.

#021-0032       $45.00/pair

Training for Safety
by Margaret Beeman and Ona Kiser
Outlines the foundation for starting the driving horse. Specific exercises are given for groundwork in preparation for putting to a cart and driving the single horse. Tips are also included to help deal with scary objects in a safe and confident manner. PB 71 pp.

#031-T0002       $19.95


Zilco Training Surcingle
Adjustable synthetic rigging for lungeing, long reining, and breaking. Includes saddle terrets and 8 dees for maximum adjustment with a variety of training aids. Soft waffle padding and double girth straps for extra comfort. Fits a variety of horses from cob to warmblood. Adjusts from 64" to 88" heartgirth. Black with stainless steel fittings. Other length girths available upon request.

011-z631541       175.00


The Art of Long Reining
by Sylvia Stanier
Learn the proper ground techniques and equipment needed to produce a well-balanced, supple horse. Early exercises to advanced schooling in both the English and Danish methods are included. HB 56 pp.

#031-A0022       $15.95

Bombproof Your Horse
by Sgt. Rick Pelicano
Systematic approach to de-spooking horses by a mounted police officer. A program of exercises will make your horse calm and more confident in any situation. PB 182 pp.

#031-M0653       $29.95

Bombproofing Tips
by Perry Wood
Take the time to train your horse to accept the unexpected. This booklet explains the tools you need to develop a more trusting relationship with your equine partner. By using distance, repetition, and positive reinforcement, you can teach your horse to think more and to react less. PB 24 pp.

#031-B0879       $12.95

Long Reining to Break Horses to Harness
by Heinrich Freiherr von Senden
Learn how to safely break a horse to harness by using long reins. Beginning with work on the lunge, training progresses to work with long reins for better control and to replicate the actual driving situation. Putting-to for the first time is clearly explained with an emphasis on safety. Includes a chapter on what makes a good driving horse and discusses specific breeds that are well suited to driving. PB 126pp.

#031-L9631       $32.95


Better Than Bombproof
by Sgt. Rick Pelicano
More common-sense strate- gies to help your horse deal with scary situations. In his second book, Sgt. Pelicano shows new ways to desensi- tize your horse through long- lining exercises as well as under saddle. Includes tips on becoming a more effective rider, how to prepare for a parade, and valuable trailer loading techniques. PB 170 pp.

#031-B1030       $29.95


Cotton Lunge Line
Brown 1" cotton webbing with stops and swivel snap. 35 feet long.

#021-0036       $22.00/each


Long Reining (DVD)
with Wilfried Gehrmann
Explains the training work done from behind for schooling driving horses as well as dressage horses and show jumpers. A valuable training tool to improve balance, rhythm, and suppleness. Equipment and further schooling are also discussed. In English. 50 mins. DVD format.

#031-V0996       $45.00


Lungeing and Long Reining
by Jennie Loriston-Clarke
Focuses on the early training and handling of the young horse. Discusses the proper equipment and techniques needed to exercise, supple, and educate a horse from the ground. Also shows how advanced long reining can be used to refine dressage movements and how lungeing can improve a horse's jumping form. Published in association with the British Horse Society. PB 112 pp.

#031-L9533        $32.95


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