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Essential Leather Number Holder
Dressy leather version for show. Buckle straps onto carriage.

Black     $100.00
Russet     $110.00
Patent     $110.00


Zilco Number Holder
Synthetic pouch attaches to carriage with buckle straps. Black with stainless buckles only.

#011-z446611     $10.00


FEI Leather Horse Number Holder with Numbers
Attaches to tug bearing strap or on halter. Available in black or russet. Made in USA.

#011-1748     $49.95


Show Time Ear Nets
Stylish ear nets at an affordable price. Scalloped edge with no trim. Available in gray, navy, black, brown or hunter green. Imported.

#021-0028     $24.95

Color :

European Ear Nets
Exquisite hand made cotton ear nets add that extra touch. Black, navy, hunter green or burgundy with gold or silver trim. Custom colors available. Made in Germany.

#021-14-0001     $90.00

Trim Color:

Economy Ear Nets
Crochet ear nets for everyday use. Black only. Imported.

#021-0027     $6.95

Comfort Ear Net
Cotton ear net with stretchy ear covering for a better fit. Scalloped edge with 2 rows of accenting trim. Available in navy, and marine blue. From Germany. Limited quantities available.

#021-0034     $24.95


Pony Ear Net without Tassles
Simple ear nets for the smaller head. Pony size only. Available in navy, black, or green.

#021-0037     $12.95


Vinyl Number Holder by Freedman's
Attach to axle or carriage frame with velcro closure. Brown or black.

#012-3019     $30.00


Products > Appts > Turnout